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Euroinvest Holding, s.r.o.
Seat: Buková 10
040 14 KOŠICE
Office: Letná 42
040 01 KOŠICE
Slovak republic
Tel.: +421 915 851185

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We started our cooperation with EUROINVEST HOLDING s.r.o. in 2003. For this period we had many opportunities to see the capacity of people working in the company EUROINVEST in many situations. Among the advantages of the EUROINVEST company we can include accuracy, precision and responsibility. With the emphasis on these features, our cooperation in the comprehensive care of the accounting, payroll and business law with EUROINVEST company still continues. Their professionalism has been verified by international audit and tax inspections carried out, which took place in our company without reservations.

For Gilbos Slovakia s.r.o. - Chief Executive Officer (printing machines production), - on behalf of multinational companies Gilbos nv Belgium and Gilbos of America, USA


We cooperate with EUROINVEST company since the inception of our company. We are satisfied with their work, which suggests to our many-year cooperation. We appreciate their reliability, fairness and personal access to us. We can ask EUROINVEST with confidence in case of any problem. According to our laws it is not the norm to get always clear answers, but we always get clear answers from EUROINVEST.

For Terramark s.r.o. - Chief Executive Officer (services in agriculture, commerce)


EUROINVEST holding company handles accounts for our company since 2004. Based on our experience cooperation with EUROINVEST was very beneficial step for us. Finally, we feel that our accounts are in good hands. We have a feeling of certainty that the accounts are handled professionally.

For Montana s.r.o. - Chief Executive Officer (geological activities)


We cooperate with EUROINVEST since 2005 through the control and management accounting, consulting and representing us in the tax proceedings. The priority of company employees is precision, reliability, willingness to solve problems and a broad knowledge on the issue despite the constantly changing law. We are satisfied with the cooperation too, and we look forward to further joint years.

For Montana Košice s.r.o. - Chief Executive Officer (geodetic activity)


We cooperate with the EUROINVEST HOLDING company since our foundation. EUROINVEST company was one of companies which prepared our establishment. The company gives us control, accounting and advisory services and also services in the field of taxation. The work of this company, we would describe as good, timely and accurate, which is very important in the area of business. We would like to highlight the enthusiasm and flexibility for workers as well as a very good approach to us. They have our full confidence. We are delighted that we can use the services of this company.

For Enriko s.r.o. - Managing Director (real estate services business - developing Israel)


We started our cooperation with EUROINVEST HOLDING company in the beginning of 2007. Since that, we know that we can feel comfortable because someone is perfectly and responsibly watching our accounting of our firm. Thank to EUROINVEST HOLDING company for a perfectly prepared accounts.

For Geological Survey Košice s.r.o. - Company Director (geological survey)